How did "Q" seem to predict the exact minute the Queen would be buried.

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castle lock

1776 days after first Q post she's dead.
17 days of mourning for her. (17=Q)
6-6-6 London has fallen movie (Released 6 years 6 months and 6 days before death)
Simpsons predating and predicting queens death accurately.
Today at her funeral she was put into the ground at 4:49 adds up to 17
Q post 4 years earlier CASTLE LOCK citing the exact burial time backwards.... Q Post 2214 on 9-19-18 (4 year exact before burial) with time stamp 19:39:44 backward we get the 449 (17) time stamp exact time of burial…
Q Post 3456 (non related timestamps/delta) WORTH REMEMBERING picture of a watch that says to remember for later time is 4:49 date THE 19th! (Exact burial time)
She died 9-8 sept 8th another 17.

and Bonus questions below for extra credit on this assignment.

Also for the following pictures below:
pic1 Why did the queens hearse drive through horse shit?
pic2 Why were there royal c-cup titties on the queens burial flag, wasnt she a b-cup?
pic3&4 Why was her flag all wrinkled, and why it it appear that it was staged to look like 9/11/2001 


royal tit

wrinkled flag