The actor that played (And killed) Bin Laden

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#The actor that played, and killed Bin Laden.

So bin laden was responsible for 9/11 right? He claimed responsibility for it right? Except no... Bin laden died in December 2001 of a collapsed lung. This was reported by many news outlets. And is still online at some

But we can't have our boogie man being dead can we... It wasn't until after that that bin laden claimed responsibility for the attacks. Just one problem.. the new bin laden looked noting at all like the old one. So apparently while he was fighting this terrorists war he went and got some plastic surgery including a nose job.

bind laden got a nose job...

So then the CIA just so happens to find a video tape of Osama admitting to these attacks in a apartment in jalalabad..

Boogie man restored.

But who is this new bin laden, who is the actor that plays him. Let's have a look and do some forensic biometric comparisons.

Now look really close here in HD on a big screen monitor, because here is where you're going to have to either admit the truth, or pretend your objective when you're not and stretch some sort of explanation for this that makes no fucking sense.

So what they did is make this bin laden face the most famous face in the world.. then a couple years later they take the ACTOR that played bin laden in the CIA videos, shave him up.. and use that star power of he was the most famous person in the world.. to make him... THE NEW MOST FAMOUS PERSON IN THE WORLD. And we all fell for it. Or most of us anyway... I didn't.

Oh and then in a outrageous and crazy turn of events they even make the actor that played bin laden get credit for killing bin laden... And they release a picture of a badly beaten bin laden after he was killed. But this was a Photoshop. And not even a good Photoshop.. how can we prove it's a Photoshop? Well we have found the 2 source pictures and the resulting picture. So here they are.. the first pic is the actor that played bin laden in the CIA released videos, the second is a badly beaten guy that's not bin laden, and the third is a mixture of the two that was released to all outlets as what bin laden supposedly looked like when we killed him

Proof of photoshop Bin Laden

Now you can see how horrible a Photoshop job it actually was..


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