The truth about covid and the vaccines

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A review of the basic sciences for covid on a understandable level, with only root level sources.

The PCR tests (which they call COVID tests) do not detect covid.

They can only detect viral material.

The inventor of the PCR test which these days they call the covid test Kary Mullis warned us long ago that they were using the pcr tests and changing the thresholds and creating false detects to tell the patients they were infected with AIDS.. exact same scam they do with covid. (see the videos below for this and more about Fauci)

The test cannot tell if its a cold sore, AIDS, covid, the flu, pnuemonia or what virus it is. They also lower the threshold of detection so it detect the smallest bit of viral material.

That's how they are creating all these cases, if you have ANY small amount of ANY virus when you take the covid test you get told you have covid and then are poisoned with a drug that gives symptoms of covid. This is also why ANYONE vaccinated, not vaccinated, already had covid passed a test 5 minutes ago etc.. can test positive for covid, and even a papaya (yes the fruit) once did..

The above video is the inventor of the PCR test Kary Mullis telling us before covid that they were misusing the test and the below video is him telling us that Fauci does not know shit, and is paid to lie.

Kary Mullis died just before covid hit on August 7, 2019.

The standard drugs prescribed both in hospitals and vaccines have killed lots of people and animals in trials,  certainly a higher percentage than covid, killing over 50 percent of humans and 100 percent percent of animals in their only trials.

The only approved drug for treatment of covid is remdisvir. That Fauci calls the standard of treatment. This is the most common drug prescribed because Fauci said it should be is. remdisivir.

The ebola trials were the only trials remdisvir underwent prior to this.
Notice how it killed over half the people that took it so the results were unable to be completed. The drug that Fauci introduced killed the second most. Neither of those two got to finish the study with two other drugs that did, because of so many deaths associated. Here are the results admitting that on a government website.

"Among patients in the remdesivir group, the estimated median time was actually more than 28 days because mortality exceeded 50% and expired patients were assigned a time of ">28 days"."

If this doesn't disturb you incredibly.... It's called **FAUCI-CIDE..** why would anyone prescribe such a damaging drug to such a easy to beat illness?

In this video a chiropractor discusses how he ran across the above mentioned ebola trials results showing the over 50% death rates, with the devastating results, and realized Fauci was insane to have known about that and still made the drug the standard for covid care.

100 Percent of animals given the covid 'vaccines' or mrna injections died.

animal testing

By both traditional scientific, and traditional legal standards the mRNA shots they give for covid and call vaccines do not qualify as vaccines. But dont worry they decided to change both right before and even after covid-19 to cover it. How convenient that they would have such foresight.

The above video is of course elite level professor of immunology Dolores Cahill. In the video she answers questions about if the covid injections should be considered vaccines, and how the animals reacted in the animal studies for the mRNA shots. Dolores Cahill has decades of elite level achievements, and has never until recently been questioned about her credentials until she went against what paid science is saying. This is of course the case with all of the very brave people being mentioned on this page.

The people pushing these vaccines know they are killing people. but the deal is it took a year or two so we aren't seeing the most deaths yet.

In the video below, Gina, a molecular Biologist blows the whistle very hard at a council meeting in Dawson Creek, BC.
This is a mind blowing wow for a city council meeting.

In the below video Dr of Immunology, Dr Thompson reports his findings from tests he preformed He did immunity blood tests both before and after (covid injections). The results blew his mind.