The Debt Clock secret window points at 7/2027 with hint at free energy.

Submitted by FatesWebb on Fri, 01/05/2024 - 14:02

The debt clock website which is here and has been around for over a decade..

I have seen this debt clock hit deltas with Trump and Q, which has me convinced that it has inside information into the plans for the future.

For some time it has been releasing these secret images under a small button labelled secret window.

The latest one of these images is shown below. This is still displayed as of now but will most likely be removed soon. Today is 1/5/2024
secret window.

Some of the things that I noticed about this secret window right away.
Look closely and you will notice they are replacing the pyramids with a fish. a fish with the letters IXOYE inside of it..

IXOYE is an acronym comprised of the first letter of five Greek words: Iesous Xristos Theou Yios Sotare, which means, Jesus, Christ, Son, of, God, Savior.

So when we say whitehats are in control we can take that further and say Christian whitehats are in control.

He is holding a lantern with a Tesla logo on top of it.
Is that predicting Tesla gives us free energy.

I believe one of the lost Tesla (the man) technologies is free enegery that can be lifted off the earth similar to how Qi chargers are lifting energy off their charging pad, meaning you can even be mobile and use energy (static electricity) that blankets the earth.. and not need a source of fuel.

This would explain why Tesla is investing in electric vehicles while the other manufacturers seem to now be walking away from them for alternative fuels like hydrogen fuel hybrid cars. The long goal would be not even needing fuel or a large battery since you are using tesla technology to leech energy from the earth itself.

This is another of my predictions, that we will be given a free energy souce from tesla technology that John trump was given.

See this history dot com article.

So then was trumps uncle John the holder of the Tesla technologies that the deep state buried? if so then are we getting them back?

Interestingly one of them is DEW (death ray / directed energy weapon = same shit) Which is being forced into the public perception. We should know about giant lasers in the sky that can fry us and what that looks like when it occurs. hence the maui psyop, with a dew lab in lahaina. The great awakening.

If you check the clock at the bottom you can notice it has what appears to be a crack in it, but upon further analysis it actually is the constellation virgo. Also that small dot is actually venus the planet.


We think maybe this is hinting to us that we will be getting free energy technology in the year 2027 probably in the seventh month.. maybe even on the seventh day for a 777.

We came to this conclusion using the clues in the image. We can see that the new citizen is holding a lamp with a tesla symbol. There is lost tesla technology discussed above. then when we research the next time that venus is in the house of virgo... which seems to also be when the planet will PHYSCIALLY be closest to the constellation in the night sky and (actually at the same time we both came up with the month of 7/2027.}

So its just a guess and a long way off, but could you imagine free energy that you take from the earth without the need for a battery or fuel?