Are Carol Swain and Claudine Gay the same person

Submitted by FatesWebb on Sat, 12/23/2023 - 06:56

The lady on the left (Claudine Gay) is accused of stealing the work of the lady on the right (Carol Swain.)

Except i have this suspicion that this is another psyop and it wasnt just her writing that was stolen.. they just took the same woman, in one case they made her super feminine and pretty, and the other case well.. not.. she is gay and not beautiul.

but this is the same woman or maybe its her twin, the pictures of the pretty ones always come off as having snapchat filters on them,.. but they look like the same lady.... if you ignore the hair and skin imperfections. and plumpness which is what helps her look feminine.

So then I am just seeing things, or they are really fucking with peoples heads at this point lol......