Jack Smith is AI created persona and is played by kappy in a mask when in public.

Submitted by FatesWebb on Fri, 12/29/2023 - 07:00

We have noticed thast it doesnt matter what photo you feed the AI image detector of jack smith it comes back detected as AI generated....

ai generated

It is my theory that Kappy faked his death and when Jack has to make actual physical appearances it is Kappy in a Jack Smith mask. Jack Smith looks more like kappy than he does the old photos of who we were told was jack smith. The eyes just look like Kappys eyes. also there are some biometric exact matches like the ears, while hard to get a look at kappys ears, seem to be the same.
kappy smith
I think it may have been that jack smith was melded from the old jack smith and kappy into new jack smith so that could be why some of kappys features seem to have been pulled over. Its also possible that Kappy has ALWAYS known that he would play this role, and so much planning was done.. It is even possible that Kappy is a fake persona and its really someone else. still looking into these theories. What we do know is that Jack Smith appears to be fake and AI generated. Also Kappy killing himself doesnt make sense in 2018 when the cabal was already taken out.

You can compare "Jack Smiths" voice to "Kappys" voice in these two clips, and they are definitely extremely similar it not identical when you consider that in one he is speaking at a podium and in the other he is frantic.