Madeline Mccann was a fake kidnapping victim.

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Was Madelaine Mccan a fake kidnapping of a fake girl?


the Madeleine McCann story is pure bollox and it is my firm belief that the little girl never existed, which would explain why she is a 100% face match for murdered child, Sarah Payne:


And whilst I do not want to go too far off track, it is worth noting that Madeleine’s fake cousin, Fiona McCann was played by the same child as was used to play the allegedly murdered WELSH girl, April Jones:


Now, chosen to bodge the Madeleine McCann investigation was DCI Andy Redwood.

And so what?” you may ask.

Well Andy Redwood was also the person chosen to fuck up the Jill Dando investigation:


PHOTO: Imbecile Andy Deadwood – looks intelligent doesn’t he?

And having monumentally cocked up the investigation of the [fake] Dando shooting, why the fuck would Andy Deadwood be rewarded with the high profile case of the [fake] Madeleine McCann disappearance?

Well the answer to that is in the question.

Moreover, Jerry McCann was reported to have been involved in the faking of Diana’s death.

And Doctor Jerry McCann may well be played by Doctor Alan Farthing – Gynecologist to Diana and the Queen:


Now pay attention here… You see, Farthing was supposedly engaged to Jill Dando at the time of her fake murder. And I also believe that his wife (pictured with him above) is the actress who played DOCTOR Fiona Payne of the infamous McCann, Tapas 7:


Indeed, it appears that the connections are never ending – which they aren’t.

Moreover, McCanns mother in law (seen in the above photo with Gerry) is played by PRINCESS DIANA’S sister, Lady Sarah McCorkingdale, whose name has now somehow become Lady ElizabethSarah Lavinia McCorquodale… Don’t ask me how because I ain’t got a Scoobie fucking Doo.

Nevertheless, you can find proof of this claim in my article “Where Does That Leave Madeleine?“.

And as for Kate McCann? Well she is most likely played by Diana’s son, Prick Little Willie’s ex girlfriend, Jessica Craig – amongst other actors:


PHOTO: Comparisons between Craig and McCann… Checkout the nose in the last photo

A young Kate McCann/Jessica Craig also appeared on TV as a commentator on Princess Diana’s death in the days following the “accident” adding more credibility to the claim that Gerry McCann/Alan Farthing were also involved in the conspiracy.

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