Nuclear weapons are a hoax.

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Illuminati Hoax? Nuclear Bombs Do Not Exist

July 12, 2020


Hiroshima aftermath- Disclaimer: I reserve judgment

"Ten countries in total have claimed to have nuclear weapons, 

and this is actually the scary part of the hoax, 

showing how major world governments collude."

by Brabantian


Quite seriously, nuclear weapons have never existed. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were only two more horrible urban napalm fire-bombings, less devastating in fact than the one that hit Tokyo five months earlier - but re-packaged with a fake story of a 'new awesome weapon'.

 August 6 & 9, 1945 began the biggest hoax in history, helping oligarchs steal trillions from hapless taxpayers.

 Before detailing how Hiroshima was a fraud, consider that the mushroom cloud we associate with 'nuclear blasts', is an ordinary result of chemical explosions, as you see in the above photos of when factories explode.

The old 'nuclear explosion' photos and films are often obviously fake when examined now with modern tools, mixing a chemical explosion image with a background.

 The devastation you see in Hiroshima and Nagasaki - where indeed tens and hundreds of thousands died or were horrifically maimed - is exactly like in Tokyo or other Japanese firebombed cities, because houses were mostly wood.

 Swedish engineer Anders Björkman, born 1946, has worked to expose the nuclear weapons hoax for years, arguing they are technically impossible. Björkman's website.


US & WW2 allies began chemical napalm attacks in July 1944 on Tinian Island but soon escalated to destroying entire cities, with the biggest killing over 100,000 and destroying 41 square kilometers of Tokyo on the night of 9-10 March 1945.


The horror of that Tokyo night, which seemed to make a great city just evaporate, emboldened the USA to pull off the nuclear weapons hoax, first with the 16 July 1945 'Trinity nuclear test explosion' and then the August 6 and 9 respective firebombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


Alexander de Seversky (1894-1974), in youth an ace pilot for Russia's Tsarist Navy, emigrated to the US and became involved in military aviation there. He visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki shortly after the 'nuke blasts', talking to witnesses, and in a Reader's Digest article in February 1946 - let on between the lines that the 'nuclear weapons' were fake. He avoided saying so directly, but pointed out that, "To my surprise, Hiroshima looked exactly like all the other burned-out cities in Japan." Directly under ground zero, Seversky saw "buildings structurally intact, topped by undamaged flag poles, lightning rods, railings, signs, and other comparatively fragile objects ...  I could find no traces of unusual phenomena ... It simply is not true that matter was vapourised ... tree trunks and walls with growing vines disprove the claims of superheat ... it was fire, just fire, that took such high toll of life."

 German Jesuit Rev. John Siemens, an eye-witness in Hiroshima, documented local witnesses reporting multiple planes spreading incendiary material, the classical firebombing. Japanese survivor stories confirm as well that it was firebombing horror. However officially, Japan goes along with the nuke bomb hoax, as they must.

 The smoking gun came a few years ago, when WW2 air combat logs were exposed, showing that on Hiroshima bombing day, a USA 66-aeroplane fleet - a typical size for urban napalm firebombing - was sent out to 'bomb Imabari Japan' that day. But tiny Imabari no longer existed, wiped out in two previous firebombing raids on 26 April and 8 May. This log entry covered for the bombing fleet hitting Hiroshima about 55km away, a target which was not to be disclosed under penalty of death.


1990 medical study of Hiroshima-Nagasaki survivors and their descendants, found no noticeable genetic damage or cancer increases, etc., of the type we are led to expect from 'devastating nuclear bomb radiation'.

 llustrating how ridiculous 'nuclear weapons' became, here is an early 1960s video, of the US President's brother Robert Kennedy, viewing a 'nuclear weapons' blast whilst sitting a short distance downrange in a folding chair, watching detonation of the small 30kg or so 'nuclear bomb in an artillery shell', the 'Davy Crockett'

Ten countries in total have claimed to have nuclear weapons, and this is actually the scary part of the hoax, showing how major world governments collude. First to join was Stalin's Soviet Union, secretly propped up by the profit-seeking US military machine, which, as Antony Sutton exposed long ago, wished to have 'The Best Enemy Money Can Buy'. Here, briefly, the history of 'nuclear weapons' hoaxes:

 1949 - COMMIE RUSSIA HAS THE BOMB, Soviet elites got permanent rewards for playing along
 1952 - UK Brits & City of London don't want to be 2nd class - UK HAS THE BOMB
 1960 - France chafes not to be 2nd class to Brits - FRANCE & DE GAULLE HAVE THE BOMB
 1964 - China upgraded to major league - COMMIE CHINA HAS THE BOMB
 1966 - Israel joins the club in time to blackmail Arabs in 1967 & 1973 wars - JEWS HAVE THE BOMB & ARE READY TO SAMSON OPTION EVERYBODY
 1974 - India even gives joke name to its bomb program, 'Smiling Buddha' - INDIA HAS THE BOMB
 1979 - South Africa's white apartheid gov gets to play - WHITE RACIST SOUTH AFRICA HAS THE BOMB READY TO KILL BLACK PEOPLE ... but 'dismantles bombs' before Mandela & black government can find out the sca
2006 - North Korea, always making deals, gets to upgrade - CRAZY NORTH KOREA HAS THE BOMB

As the New World Order looms, they have begun to wind down the hoax, the UN already working to 'abolish all nuclear weapons' ... The Pope will likely be in Jerusalem, smiling with pride about helping to eliminate, what never existed. 


Certainly, nuclear power is real, as well as dangers of radioactive poisoning, etc, from things such as the 'depleted uranium' tank-piercing weapons made with by-products of nuclear fuel production. Nuclear 'testing' can be some combination of conventional explosives, chemicals, and nuclear fuel material, making craters and the boom recorded by seismographs.



It's unclear how much nuclear hardware is real, such as ICBM missiles, or the 'bombs' on carts you see soldiers wheeling around in photos such as this one - are these out-of-shape people really soldiers, or just actors? Tough women handling these heavy bombs! Supposedly the USA has made over 70,000 nuclear weapons, with less than 15% of them still existing - how they were 'dismantled', is another foggy 'secret'.

The terror of nuclear weapons achieved many ends. Trillions of taxpayer funds diverted in 10 'nuclear weapons' nations, straight into pockets of arms profiteers and their political friends. Stoking 'strategy of tension' fright of foreign 'enemies' who can supposedly kill your entire society and the whole world, and this well before 'climate change'.

Nuclear weapons fear was created, just as much of the Western world walked away from Christianity after WW2. With people no longer fearing 'eternal hell', alleged 'science' supplied this new fear of total destruction and horror to serve as a psychological control tool. A perfect oligarch game.

A key element, which I have researched in some detail over the last 18 months, is the use of not merely napalm (as well as conventional explosives) in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but also of poison gas. There are many direct references to it in eyewitness reports, including by Wilfred Burchett, the first Western journalist to enter Hiroshima:

The book "Children of Hiroshima"

collects the statements of 102 eyewitnesses who experienced the bombing as schoolchildren. Out of this number, 13 contain explicit references to poison gas, several invoking it directly as the cause of death of some relative.

I am an MD by training and have looked into the scientific and medical literature on this question for the last 18 months. I have collected abundant and clear evidence to prove that

1. only small amounts of radioactivity, most likely reactor waste, were released in both cities
2. there are numerous cases of "radiation sickness" as well as long-term effects such as cancer and leukemia among survivors that would be expected of radiation; however, their distribution cannot be reconciled with the story of the bombs, because

a) a number of people exposed to "theoretically lethal radiation" were unharmed. This is acknowledged in a report by Oughterson and Warren, two medical experts from Princeton (Yale?) and Harvard, respectively, who published a lengthy study on the subject. In it, we find this quote:

"It is ... difficult to explain the complete absence of radiation effects in ... people who were theoretically exposed to lethal dosages of radiation.

It isn't just "difficult", it is strictly impossible.

b) lethal radiation was supposed to have been released only during the detonations; nevertheless, a number of people who entered the cities only afterward contracted "radiation sickness", in some cases with fatal outcome.

3. All medical observations, as far as they can be ascertained from the somewhat sparse literature, can be explained with the use of mustard gas (as well as napalm). The US had indeed stockpiles of M47 bombs filled with mustard gas. This also fits with direct observations by Burchett (see above) and others.