David Straight of presidential task force - what is Q? and JFKJR is alive currently serving as VP.

Submitted by FatesWebb on Sat, 04/23/2022 - 20:51

Okay so its time to go down the devolution rabbit hole.. if you don't know what devolution is there are other posts on this board to get you up to date.

What is Q? what does devolution mean? is this guy nuts he says the acting VP currently is JFKJR... I mean devolution? yeah I can see it, Trump is really president behind the scenes? okay.. its possible, if that was the case the media wouldn't tell us would they? they would carry on a charade.. but the VP is JFKJR? wow.. that's quite the claim... Ill have to sit on that one.. I mean its possible he faked his death, because he knew he was going to be killed... to get in front of it.. so.. in this world I have begun to realize you need to start from the premise that anything is possible. and work you way in from there. Interesting video either way.