Princess Dianas Death was fake, and even her life was faked.

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Now, when I was writing my very in depth – yet totally fucking brilliant – article ‘Night Of The Living Dead‘, about the faked death of Princess Diana, I was forced to change track.

This was because; as well as her death in a car accident being faked (which, if you have read the above linked article properly you will know that I proved beyond all doubt), it became increasingly obvious to me that in all probability Diana never really existed at all.

Now, had I have known that Di never existed when I first started writing Night Of The Living Dead‘, then I would certainly have written it differently, but because I didn’t know – given the countless hours that I had already spent working on the article – I was forced to carry on… And as such, the article is probably a lot more long winded than it needs to be.

Nevertheless, you are all big boys & girls and as such, you are still capable of reading it for yourselves (I have even linked it for you twice) and as such, I am only going to recap on a tiny amount of the proof to my claim that is on offer in that article.

So let’s start with the death car. Now the car that Diana was fake killed in was a 1994 Mercedes yet the wreck that was in the tunnel was a model from 1995.

This first became obvious to me by the rear headlights:

And there is much more of that kind of thing in Night Of The Living Dead, including proof that the Merc was parked up adjacent to the tunnel wall and then photoshopped to look as if it was crashed… Not to mention the fact that the CCTV footage from the hotel is ALL faked.

However, what made me think that Diana never existed was the fact that she was played by so many people. For instance, Young Diana was in all probability played by Charlotte Goldsmith, youngest child of James Goldsmith and half sister to Zac Goldsmith and Jemima Khan.

Moreover – and to add credence to my claim – there were no childhood photos of Diana published until the early 1990’s.

PHOTO: Young Diana compared to Charlotte Goldsmith

And interestingly enough James Goldsmith was supposedly the real father of Diana Spencer.

More interestingly still is the fact that James Goldsmith was married to Annabelle Goldsmith nee Birley – both of whom were deeply involved with the Lord Lucan hoax, don’t cha know… You can go read my article ‘Lets Go Play At The Astors‘ for more proof of that fact.

Now, Annabelle – who is good friends with the Queen – is not the mother of Charlotte, although she was married to Goldsmith long before Charlotte was born.

However Annabelle is the mother of India Jane Birley, who I believe played Lady Diana Spencer, when she [fake] married Prick Charles of Big Ears:

Certainly, on the night that Diana died, she was played by Ondine De Rothschild (who coincidentally lived in PARIS at the time)… Well you didn’t really expect the Rothschild’s not to be involved in the hoax did you?

PHOTO: Diana & Ondine

Nevertheless, there was one huge problem involved for the conspirators with casting Ondine in the role and that was the fact that she was only 18 years old in 1997.

However, they got around that problem by getting Ondine to shield her face, which they then reported as Diana not wanting to be photographed.

I mean, why the fuck would Diana shield her face. After all, she was the most photographed woman in the world at that time along with the fact that there were not meant to be any photographers outside the rear entrance to the Ritz on the night that she died.

Moreover, it cannot be claimed that she hid her face because she did not want to be photographed with Dodi Fayed… After all, the press already had more photos of Diana and Dodi (all faked as I prove in NOTLD) than they needed.

And besides, Dodi came out of the hotel too late to even catch up with Diana, so the Shy-Di theory does not hold water… In fact nothing about the decoy exit makes any sense and once again I pull that to bits in my article NOTLD.

Course, Charlotte, India and Ondine were not the only ones to play Diana. Indeed, Jill Dando also did:

PHOTO: Jill Dando and Diana comparison.

And of course, all of these fraud events have to connect with each other in the Satanic world of the elites. So, with that in mind I can also tell you that it is my belief that Diana-paparazzi-photographer, Romuald Rat also played Dando shooter, Barry George.

Predictably, once Barry George had had his sentence quashed he linked up with convicted murderer, Sion Jenkins – who has a very Welsh name and like George; also had his murder conviction squashed.

Moreover, I believe that the role of Jenkins was played by Diana’s WELSH bodyguard, Trevor Rees Jones.

PHOTO: Sion Jenkins and Trevor Rees Jones which scores a 90% match on a facial recognition website.

Jenkins, was supposedly convicted of murdering his foster daughter, Billie-Jo Jenkins. Billie Jo is an actress whose image was also used to portray the supposedly murdered Suzi Lamplugh:

PHOTO: Billie Jo Jenkins and Suzi Lamplugh.

Are you getting the fucking idea yet?

No? Then I will carry on.

Sion Jenkins was supposedly married to Lois Jenkins who I believe was played by Cressida Dick… Dick by name, Dick by nature and she probably has one too:

PHOTO: Cressida Dick and Lois Jenkins – check out the nose & ear match

Dick was later rewarded for her part in the fraud with the job of Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service… Which is not uncommon. After all, Henri Paul (the fella who supposedly drove Diana to her death) was rewarded with the job as French Prime Mincer in 2016, under the name of Bernard Guy Georges Cazeneuve:

PHOTO: Comparisons of Henri Paul with Bernard French-Name