The Nashville school shooting was faked

Submitted by FatesWebb on Thu, 03/30/2023 - 19:15

puma vans

The recent shooting in Nashville was faked, and its easy to prove since the shooter that supposedly entered the building that we are told is on video in the halls of the building is not wearing the same shoes as in the police cam footage. If you pause the videos the police provided us, you will notice that when the shooter enters the building, as well as when they are supposedly walking around in the halls of the building, they are wearing PUMA shoes which have a large white logo that goes DOWN and gets larger. However, in the police released body cam footage it shows them supposedly firing 8 bullets of large caliber police rounds at or into the supposed suspect, the only problem is there is no bullet damage shown anywhere, there is no blood, and the shoes the suspect is wearing are not the same pair of shoes they are shown having worn as they entered the building. In this video they are wearing Vans shoes, with the distincitive Vans logo that does not get larger and go down but squigles and goes up toward the toes. Also this pair of shoes has a unmistakable FIRE PRINT on them not present on the shoes shown at entry and in the halls.

not the same

1) that is not a .223 magazine like we are told, looks like a 9mm..
2) the shoes are not converse they are VANS
3) the hat was missing from the pixelation and scene, where was the red, no blood and even NO HAT...
4) the pants are a different type and color of camoflage.
from 7:55 on in  this police bodycam video that was released. there were 8 shots fired of .45 large bullets, and not a single sign of damage to anything, nor is there any blood at all.  This is a training video they have told you was real. That is why the video showing the person entering the school has them wearing a different pair of shoes than the one they show you on the ground in this video.