THE O. J. SIMPSON TRIAL was Faked as were the murders.

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THE O. J. SIMPSON TRIAL was Faked as were the murders
by Miles Mathis

First published February 12, 2016

As usual, this is just my opinion, based on internet research anyone can do. As I have done with the other events I have recently unwound for you, I will present you with the clues you may have missed so far. If they jog something in your head, great. On the other hand, if you prefer the mainstream story, feel free to keep it. I no longer have any use for it. Instead of looking at this event through the eyes of the controlled media, here you will be forced to
look at it through the eyes of a real investigator. I will circle and highlight the things you may have missed the first thousand times. I will show that you missed them because they were surrounded with noise and flashing lights. You couldn't see them or hear them in the smoke and din. Here we will
ignore the circus and just look at the facts. We will start at the very beginning. Orenthal James Simpson was born in 1947. What else was born in
1947? That's right, our old friend the CIA. This early in the investigation, you will no doubt dismiss that as a coincidence. Later, you won't.
After his famous career as a football running back, Simpson went to Hollywood to become an actor.


BONUS: By the way guess who played Nicole?? She's still alive and still famous... Cia asset.

Part 2 Wheres Nicole: