The cast of the movie we are watching that everyone thinks is real.

Submitted by FatesWebb on Tue, 01/30/2024 - 03:47

The cast of the movie we are watching.

The cast of the movie we are watching.

The Kari Lake is Lauren Besette.

Gavin Newsom is JFK Jr.

Governor Ron DeSantis is Michael LeMoyne Kennedy.

Governor Katie Hobbs is Saoirse Roisin Kennedy Hill.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is Carolyne Besette Kennedy.

Kayleigh McEnany is Caroline Besette Kennedy daughter with JFK Jr.

Donna Kelce is really Gina Haspel.

Seth Rich was fake made up by nsa to explain podesta file dump.

Julian Assange is fake and based on John Trump.

Seth Riches parents are Gina Haspel and Ed Kelce.

Taylor Swift is the grand daughter of the man who founded the church of satan.

Diamond from Diamond And Silk was really the actor Kenan Thompson from SNL.

Kenan Thompson is the same actor that also sometimes takes on the role of Oprah Winfrey. Although in person its Katt Williams.

Jimmy Kimmel has been replaced by Channing Tatum

The king of pop, Michael Jackson is the actor that is playing Nancy Pelosi.

The church of satan is controlled opposition ran by whitehats.


Jack Smith is fake AI generated (he used to be real?) when Jack goes in public he is played by Kappy wearing a mask, Kappy who faked his death supposedly jumping from a bridge. running from the cabal trying to suicide him for ousting their pedo network.