Hal Turner: Biden admin bought all the baby formula and sent it to the border to feed illegal babies.

Submitted by FatesWebb on Thu, 05/12/2022 - 11:22

We Found All the Baby Formula . . . Biden Admin Sent it all to Southern Border for Illegal Alien babies

For over a week, there have been widespread and growing reports of Baby Formula shortages all over the USA.  Store shelves are bare of it in many places.   Now, we know why: The Biden Administration has grabbed all the formula and sent it to the southern border to accommodate ILLEGAL ALIENS coming into the country with babies.

Here's a small look at what shoppers in USA supermarkets find when they look for baby formula on store shelves:

And Here is what is piling-up at US Border Patrol facilities along the southern border:
According to Congresswoman Pat Cammack, pallets and pallets of baby formula are deluging the southern border.

So, under the Biden regime, American babies can go hungry, but ILLEGAL ALIEN babies must be fed at taxpayer expense, and the food is taken out of the mouths of American babies to achieve feeding the illegal aliens!

Stolen elections have consequences.   THIS is just one more example of what illegitimate President Joe Biden is doing to wreck the country.